Who We Are

We believe that teams operate better when they’re focused in the same direction. Our dynamic software solutions enable you to identify goals, work out clear paths to progression and move careers and healthcare practices forward. 

"There are plenty of learning management systems available to healthcare organisations and their teams. However, we weren’t convinced that this was enough. After all, the most effective development comes from collaboration, clear understanding and personal involvement; not just from basic access to records and training programs. ITEMS for Health isn’t about simply setting goals, it’s about providing clear strategies to achieve those targets, and easy accessibility to the information needed in order to progress.

My background is in healthcare, so I understand the complexities involved in managing, appraising and training staff. All too often, staff feel distanced from their own development, and managers struggle to find the time to co-ordinate and collate information on their staff, let alone help their employees define and plan for their career progression.

"There has to be a more efficient, more effective way to ensure that employees, managers and even organisations as a whole are all focused on the same productive goals. It was this notion that drove me and the team to develop ITEMS for Health. It’s not just about training and setting goals. It’s a comprehensive solution, for both staff and managers alike, enabling organisations to thrive and individuals to flourish.

It’s inevitable that if you’re reading this, you’re passionate about healthcare. After all, it’s your career and you’re focused on achieving your career goals and helping your organisation to operate in a more positive, effective way. We’re passionate about healthcare too. We’ve worked within the industry for many years, and we’re focused on providing real, tangible solutions to some of the most common problems you encounter on a daily basis.In short, ITEMS for Health is here to help you achieve big things, and take your healthcare practice to new levels.”

In short, ITEMS for Health is here to help you achieve big things, and take your healthcare practice to new levels.”

Our Approach

The very nature of the ITEMS system is to promote accessibility, dynamic development and efficiency; within secure, protected conditions. This is very much reflected in our working practices. We operate with complete transparency and honesty, and we’re always 100% focused on generating productive, proactive results for you and your healthcare organisation. In fact, we’re every bit as flexible, straightforward and reliable as our software system is!