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A Stronger Team Managing Their Own Development
Get a simple, clear overview of your team's performance and
give them control of their training and development

"A fantastic way of keeping records in one place for all staff training and monitoring of competence." Kathy McGee, Nurse Educator

Who We Are

There are plenty of learning management systems available to healthcare. However, we don't believe they go far enough. After all, the most effective development comes from working together, creating clarity and personal responsibility; not just from basic access to records and training.

ITEMS for Health isn’t about simply getting formal training, it’s about providing clear understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses, creating strategies to achieve your targets, and easy accessibility to the information needed in order to progress.

As a former nurse manager in the NHS and having been involved in nationwide service improvement I have seen enough to understand the complexities involved in managing, appraising and training staff. All too often, staff feel distanced from their own development, and managers struggle to find the time to co-ordinate and collate information on their staff, let alone help their employees define and plan for their career progression.

ITEMS for Health provides the tools to ensure a highly skilled and engaged workforce so that professionals can find more reward in their work and managers can find it easier to manage their teams. I believe that ultimately this will ensure the provision of consistent quality care.

Libby Shepherd, Managing Director

"ITEMS is a great system for ensuring my nurse education is kept up-to-date." Stephanie Peters

The ITEMS System Helps At Every Level Of The Organisation


Increase the productivity and efficiency of your team, and have instant access to compliance reports.


Help your staff to develop their skills and manage training; with a clearer, more concise approach.


Take control of your personal development, and have your revalidation or registration information readily to hand.

The ITEMS System


The ITEMS System helps every level of an organisation. The organisation benefits from increased productivity and efficiency within their teams. Managers help their staff to develop their skills and manage their training with a clearer, more concise approach.

... And as a professional you can take control of your development and have all of the right information to hand. You'll gain a better understanding of your role and your strengths and weaknesses in it.

We developed the 12 step development cycle, which demonstrates what you need to manage for effective ongoing development of yourself and your team.

"Easy to use, thorough method to keep track of ongoing education." Sarah MacLean

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